Winter 2019 Top 20 Ranked VERY QUICKLY

Look, I’m really busy right now and I don’t feel like giving detailed in-depth reviews to 20 different songs, a good number of which I’m neutral on, so here we go: top 20 ranked for the week of 1/26/19.

Shit Tier (0/5)

20. Drip Too Hard- Baby & Gun

Lil Baby still sucks


19. Youngblood- 5SOS

This is still here?


Bad Tier (1/5)

18. Girls Like You- The Adam Levine Show

This is still here?! Nope, not doing this anymore! Scrap this, I’ll just rank whatever’s at 21 instead. What is it?


Oh god, nevermind, I take everything back! I’m sorry!

17. Wake Up In The Sky- Bruno No Why Would You Do This

Ah shit Kodak’s back. And he might not be the worst part. That’s all you need to know about this.

Meh Tier (2/5)

16. Going Bad- Meek Mill ft. Drake

Oh yeah, I almost forgot about this one. Hold on, this is an actual top 20 hit with longevity? For real?


15. Thank U Next- Stans

Ariana makes her most personal song to date and it hits #1. That’d be great except the song is actually really boring.

14. Mia- Bad Bunny ft. Drake

Oh look, it’s Drake but in Spanish! And with really uncomfortable translated lyrics. Ok then.

13. Zeze- Kodak Black ft. Better Rappers

This song would actually be good- maybe even great- if Kodak just shut his FUCKING MOUTH and never opened it again.

12. High- Panic! At The Disco

Panic! At The Disco got their first hit in over twelve years. And it is perfectly average.

Decent Tier (3/5)

11. Taki Taki- Snakey Boi

    This song might actually be complete garbage.

10. Money- Cardi B

Best Cardi solo hit since Bartier Cardi.


Guess she’s better doing guest verses on other people’s songs.


9. Mo Bamba- Sheck Wes

8. Sicko Mode- Travis Scott ft. Drake

Hold on

I got the songs mixed up.


Eh, whatever,  I won’t fix it. You get to decide which one is higher.


Good Tier (4/5)

7. Without Me- Halsey


Halsey, please go back to being awful. My life was easier that way.

6. Wow- Toast Malone

She say she tired of little money, need a big boi


5. Better Now- Ghost Malone

This is still here?

Great Tier (5/5)

4. The Dog Dies In The Video- Marshmello ft. Bastille


This was one of the songs that had to be cut from the honorable mentions. Great lyrics, great vocals, weak drop.

3. Eastside- Ben Shapiro ft. Halsey & Khalid

I’ve talked about this song before. Go read my best list.

2. Sunflower- Swae Lee & I Can’t Think Of Anything Else That Rhymes With “Post”

Into The Spider-Verse deserves an Oscar.

1. Breathin- Ariana Grande

The best song Ariana will ever make. There’s even a decent chance this’ll top my 2019 best list. Easily one of the best pop songs of the decade, it has amazing vocals, relatable lyrics, and a fantastic synth solo, so of course it was a late-album single that’s already being forgotten in favor of boring Thank U Next and that disaster 7 Rings.

Life is not fair. Or good at all, really.


This week was a 56/100. I guess that’s fine. I could’ve put time into this one, but nah. Who even cares about the Top 20 in January?

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